Boom – 1.5.1 [Intel/K]

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Boom – 1.5.1 [Intel/K]

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Name: Boom
Version: - 1.5.1

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

Link for more information:

Patch/Keymaker courtesy of C.O.R.E

Installation notes from NFO:

1. You will need to be offline or have a firewall like Little Snitch running before registering to block the app from phoning home.
See explanation below for more details as to why
2. Use our keymaker to generate reg code for the app. Inside app's registration panel, the name cannot be blank and email must be in the valid format ([email protected]). Click continue.
3. If you're using a firewall, block access to app when it tries to connect to "". You will only need to block this address "until quit".
4. Press finish then quit out of the app. Now hit the "Patch" button inside keymaker (all this does is remove an entry inside the app's plist).
5. Done!

Boom is a Mac volume booster and equalizer that improves the audio quality system-wide. This means the user can now enhance the volume of popular media-playing applications like iTunes and QuickTime. The volume of YouTube, Hulu videos playing on the Web browser can also be boosted. Voice applications like iChat and Skype can use Boom to enhance their audio experience.

Additionally, Boom provides first-of-a-kind simplified equalizer with custom presets to further tweak the audio experience at the system level.

iPod/iPhone users have always wanted their music to play louder on their device speakers. Boom provides the ability to boost the audio files residing in the iTunes library or from the desktop. It lets the users enjoy the new boosted experience with a seamless transfer of the boosted files to their iPod/iPhone through a separate iTunes playlist.

What's New
Version 1.5.1 :

* Fully compatible with the OS X 10.8.
* Sound disappearing issues fixed.
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